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Our 1996 begining

Starting in 1996, We developed our Napa property and began culitivating Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Grapes, to produce ultra premium wines.  Many years before our ownership, our property was a plum orchard that was

left as grassland.  We nurtured the soil to prepare it for wine grapes. The land had never grown wine grapes, which made it ideal for our vineyard. With the soil prepared we then choose and planted a little known grape vine from New York State's Hermann J. Wiemer's Vineyard, now locally known as the "Wiemer Clone". The Wiemer grape vine grown here produces some of the highest quality fruit in Napa Valley.


In 2009 we graphed some newly planted rootstock to a special Chardonnay bud with lineage dating back to the exceptional and historic Wente Chardonnay clone.  We released our first Chardonnay wine in 2014 and continue to release the best chardonnays Napa produces.


      David and Shirley Olney

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